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How does Super X No.8008 cure ?

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Curing reaction is caused by moisture absorbed from the air.

When we adhere the material including moisture(called porous material) such as wood and the concrete,curing progresses from the material surface.

On the other hand, metarl or plastic(called non-porous material) intercepts air.When you apply it and put it together immediately,curing progresses only from the ahesive surface contacted with air.

Curing will progress around 2mm  in a day from the surface contacted with air to the inside.

If you have around 4㎠ of adhesion area, the adhesive strength for adhereing a non-porous material usually reaches the practical adhesive strength in a day. 


【Quick curing method】

Because water attaches to the adhesive surface when you put it together after leaving it for about 1-3minutes after applying it,even non-porous material can cure from the inside.

* If you apply it to the both sides of material, you can attach water to the both sides of adhesive surface and it is quite effective.

* Surface activity is lost when you take too much open time and may cause poor adhesive strength.

Super X Gold No.777 is quick curing type of Super X No.8008 and then handling time by the open time is about 1 minute.

* The open time mentiond above is in the case of 23℃.When temperature rises,surface curing becomes fast and it becomes late when temperature lowers.

*Please do not do that you get the material and adhesive surface wet with water because it is in the factor of causing poor adhesive strength.


Super X No.8008



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